Paragliding is the simplest form of flight.

Tandem paragliders allow us to live the essence of free flight guided by a monitor. We can fly in a comfortable, safe and fun way without previous experience.

tandem paragliding

take you to the clouds

paragliding fly

An activity suitable for all audiences that will take us on a 20-minute walk through the valley. The shortest and calmest type of flight, ideal for discovering the sensation of free flight and, if you want, we’ll do some pirouettes for fun! But it’s a relaxing flight. If what you want is strong emotions, take a look at our flight Acro!! If you want to fly longer and go further, we have the special Xcountry

discover paragliding

A flight in which you will discover the sensation of paragliding, which will take us through the sky and we will be able to live a unique experience together.

acro paragliding

Are you looking for strong emotions? Paragliding allows us to do acrobatic maneuvers of up to 6g’s and speeds of more than 100km/h, to release all the adrenaline in a flight of about 30 minutes where we will gain the maximum height to break the limits of free flight. Included with this activity you will receive a video to relive and share the moment.

adrenaline fanatics

If you are like us and you like to live every minute as if it were your last, this is what you are looking for. We will take the flight physics to the end making all possible maneuvers!

XCOUNTRY paragliding

The essence of free flight: fly higher, fly further. The “cross country” modality is the one that will bring us closer to the world of paragliding, it is about doing the greatest possible distance taking advantage of the thermal currents. We will fly for about an hour, enjoying the views and better understanding how we take advantage of the air to fly like birds. Included with this activity you will receive a video to remember and share your trip.

flying travel

FarWe will do a distance flight, lasting approximately one hour in which we will travel as far as possible.

Come with us to visit the sky