tandem BAPTISM

An activity suitable for all audiences, which will take us taking a walk through the valley for about 20 minutes. The shortest and most peaceful experience, ideal for discovering the sensation of free flight. If you want, we’ll do some pirouettes for the two of us to have fun, but it’s essentially a relaxing flight.




Bcn parapent

– You can make the payment of the reservation and pay the rest when carrying out the activity, pay everything through the web or buy a gift voucher that we will send you to the email with the name that you leave us in the comments.
– Age: from 12 years old, minors with the authorization of the guardians. – Weight: between 45 and 90kg. – It is mandatory to wear a mask during the activity and wash your hands with hydroalcohol.
– We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes adapted to the time of year, as well as sun protection, water and something to eat. Please, we ask that you respect the environment and collect the waste that is generated. – Paragliding carries some risks inherent to its practice and, therefore, it is essential to follow the instructions of the instructors and the BCN Parapent staff. By contracting this activity, these risks are assumed. – Paragliding requires specific weather conditions. For security reasons, we reserve the right to cancel and postpone the activity, even at the time of carrying out the activity.


BCN parapent

Parapent a barcelona



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